We start with waterproof fabrics. This means that the composition of the fabric contains silicone polymers that make it waterproof, fabrics suitable to protect us from the rain.

We acquire these fabrics with textures that simulate peach skin to the touch. This is very important for the final result of the work.

After an exhaustive selection process, the triangles called 'carvings' are cut. With sizes we already have an umbrella. The base of the work is already.

Once this point is reached, we can sketch and then paint. Non-polluting ecological textile paint will be used, since it is handled with water.

The key to a good finish is in the rear fixing, which is done using heat. It is important to calculate the exact temperature of the fixation of the dyes of each tissue. If it is insufficient it will not be fixed and if it is too much the size will be burned.

Once the colors are fixed, the umbrella can be manufactured as such. The carvings are sewn and the umbrella itself is assembled.

As a final point the fist is added. Sometimes it will have been carved by a craftsman. This is the end of the process of making an authentic Nela Diseote umbrella.

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